The AGT Wild Card Results are In

At the start of the show, it was quite appropriate for host Nick Cannon to note that throughout last night’s performance, not one single act was “X’d”- an AGT first. But the ultra-talented contestants didn’t have long to wallow in the distinction because it was soon time to send the majority of them packing.

Little Rascal shoo-in Sebastian beat out dental warriors “Bandaz Brothers” and the daring Ben Blaque, who must now resort to shooting darts at his local bar.

AGT foolery was at an all-time high in the Orville lounge, where Nick finally confronted the lip-smacking doggie basket case that is “Irving” the pooch about the connection the two made during last night’s show. Needless to say, Irving declined to respond.

The audience was then subjected to the cast of the neon light-bright musical “Bring It On” which is all about cheerleaders—a not-so sensible Broadway act most appreciated when intoxicated. But for the sober, the musical should be more aptly called “Turn It Off!”

Horse confessed he firmly believes that his ball abuse routine is an art form, but America didn’t agree. Andrew De Leon beat out Horse and Jake Wesley Rogers for the next spot in the semifinals.

Todd Oliver admitted that for over 40 years he’s been displacing his anxieties or speaking his mind through Irving, the world’s most indifferent hound. Apparently, practice makes perfect because he beat out Cristin Sandu and Spencer Horsman for a spot in the semis.

By this time, Howie required weights to keep him from floating up like a hot air balloon throughout the auditorium since two of his Wild Card selections (Sebastian and Andrew De Leon) were voted through to the next round. Howard took issue with Howie’s gloating, but didn’t hesitate to relish in his own victory when his Wild Card pick Todd Oliver was given the green light.

All autotuned and borderline manic duo Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City were hauled in to grace the AGT stage and help fill up the hour. Miss Carly Rae looked to be having anything but a “Good Time” on that stage.

Finally, the judges were forced to choose between Lindsay Norton and “All That”—two of Sharon’s picks—or children, according to the indecisive judge. But Sharon prefaced her rejection of Lindsay with a “Good Luck, Kid” speech before granting “All That” a spot in the semifinals to clog their best act yet.

Next week, it’s time to get the million-dollar AGT train back up and running. There’s so much at stake for the remaining talent, and they’ll surely give it all they’ve got in the semifinals.

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