NBA Draft and MLB Tidbits

Jared Sullinger has not been invited to the “Green Room” at the NBA Draft on Thursday night. The green room is where the top prospects in the draft wait with loved ones until they are selected. During the NBA combine in Chicago Sullinger took a physical and it was determined by the NBA doctors that Sullinger had a bulging disc in his back. The doctors notified all the teams in the NBA that drafting Sullinger in the first round would be risky because of his back condition.

I can see the concern the doctors have concerning Sullinger. Last season he missed several games because of his back including the regular season game against Kansas. Jared has a tendency to put on weight as the season progresses and this is a concern. If he cannot get through a college season without any back problems he will not be able to do the same during a long NBA season. He  will not be drafted by any of the lottery teams but a team with multiple picks in the first round like Houston with both of their picks in the middle of the round or Boston with two in the later half of the first round could gamble and take Sullinger.

Sullinger is a talented player with some liabilities. He has the body to mix it up with the strongest players in the NBA and he has some impressive post moves. Also he can step out and hit the mid range jump shot on a consistent basis. Jared’s weaknesses are the aforementioned weight problem and he tends to get lazy on the defense. He also has to improve his rebounding he should have been more dominant in the college game .Jared Sullinger has the talent to be successful in the NBA. The team that drafts him has to monitor his minutes during his rookie season and make sure he stays in condition because any added weight will only put more stress on his back.

The Cincinnati Reds are in first place in the National League Central and hope to return to the playoffs in 2012. Cincinnati was swept by the Philadelphia Phillies in the divisional series in 2010. The Reds were swept because of the holes in their batting order were exposed by the Phillies dominant pitching. You could see a repeat of the in 2012 if the Reds do not get another bat at the trading deadline. First baseman Joey Votto is having another MVP caliber season and after a slow start second baseman Brandon Phillips is getting hot.

Other than catcher Ryan Hanigan the rest of the lineup has been inconsistent at best. Right fielder Jay Bruce has had a couple of hot streaks during the season and is on pace to finish in the top ten in home runs and RBIs in the National League. Bruce has to be more consistent especially during the post season if the Reds qualify.  Learn more about MLB action here:

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