NBA Draft – Final Thoughts and MLB Update

The NBA draft was Thursday night and the New Orleans Hornets made two franchise changing picks. The Hornets had the first pick of the draft and selected Anthony Davis of Kentucky. Davis at one time was a 6-3 guard in high school being recruited by mid-major programs and then he grew eight inches by his senior year and signed with Kentucky. Davis is the total package. He can run the floor pass and block shots with the best in the NBA right now. He has to improve his offensive game and gain some weight to mix it up with stronger power forwards in the NBA.

With the tenth pick the Hornets selected Austin Rivers. Rivers is your prototypical shooting guard. He has the confidence to take the big shot at the end of the game and he can break down a defender in a one on one situation. With point guard Eric Gordon coming back from injury and with new ownership led by Tom Benson who owns the Saints the future is bright in New Orleans.

Another team that did quite well in the NBA Draft picks was the Houston Rockets. The Rockets were stock piling draft picks in an attempt to trade for Orlando’s Dwight Howard and when that fell through Houston did a good job of drafting. With the 12th pick they selected Jeremy Lamb from Connecticut. Lamb has a wing span of 6”11 and is still developing as a shooting guard.  With the 16th pick the Rockets selected Royce White from Iowa State. White is a power forward with small forward abilities. He can rebound score and handle the basketball. White fell in the draft because of some problems he while he was at the University of Minnesota and a diagnosed anxiety disorder. The final first round pick for the Rockets was Terrence Jones from Kentucky. Jones is your typical power forward. He is a tough defender and is not afraid to get physical.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are only one game behind the Cincinnati Reds in the National League Central and pitcher A.J. Burnett is one of the reasons for Pittsburgh’s success. Burnett has regained the form he had while he pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays. He signed a big contract with the New York Yankees and he struggled for three straight seasons. Pittsburgh picked him up in off season and many experts said he was finished. Burnett has rebounded with 9 wins and an ERA of 3.31. He is a candidate to make the National League All Star team.

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