The AGT Stand-bys Stand Up and Get Noticed

Emotions ran high for both judges and contestants alike on stand-by performance day at AGT. The “nominal” talent fought to prove their worth on the Vegas stage in the head-to-head battle for the remaining New York spots. The “Hawley” hot-chick elevator trick and “Jarrett and Raja’s” mini-symphony conjuring won the two hoodoo acts New York spots. But 54-year-old Giani’s mind-reading spelling misstep summoned him a one-way ticket back “h-o-e-m.”

During their classical-rap combo show, “Wordspit, the Illest” belted out vocals that were, luckily, more comprehensive than the band’s name. They gave a new-age rendition of the classic “New York, New York,” and the judges took the obvious hint, giving them a chance to prove if they could make it there.

Dillon Havins and his band gave a mediocre take on Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes,” but the judges sent the girlfriend-phobe and his crew walking straight home.The 24 to 60-year-old underdogs that comprise the “Distinguished Men of Brass” band were all laid off from jobs at a local theme park but will continue to “Laissez les bons temps rouler” all the way to New York.

The Asian-inspired danger crew “Liondanceme’s” hairy Chinese dragon performance wowed the judges winning them a New York spot, while Serengeti Steve’s cobra kiss of death left the reptile handler with no New York love.  Six-year-old “Lil’ Star” executed a precision-filled ode to the US military hip-hop dance routine that would put any drill team to shame. She will be joining 14-year-old singer Danielle and the “Black Swan” film fawning “Unity in Motion” in New York.

Donovan and Becky out-twirled some stiff aerobatic competition in a pleasingly vertiginous performance; however, ridiculous rap performances sent geriatric lyricists “Granny G” and Burton Crane home.  AGT judges Sharon and Howard were both captivated by “The Scott Brothers’” whig-raising symphonic pop-locking skit. They and the Broadway-ready “Inspire the Fire” troupe will be dancing to some New York tunes very soon.

Novelty acts “David Garibaldi and his CMK’s,” the harmonic strings-on-a-shovel sensation Micheal Nejad, and little Big Barry all won spots in the next round.The solo dance competition inspired raw emotion when street-performing frenemies “Stepz” and “Turf” danced their hearts out on stage for the remaining New York spot. But it was “Turf” who took the judges to “a dark place,” convincing all that he was the hungriest of the two.  Next week, the top 48 go live from New York City!

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