Introducing the SYTYCD Top 20

SYTYCD went live from a Hollywood stage where host Cat Deeley introduced judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Zooey Deschanel-NBC-affiliate and obvious token guest. This was the show’s monumental 200th episode, and the night’s riveting performances proved why the show is still a success. This season, there will be two winners-one favorite guy and one fabulous diva. Thirty-five dancers awaited their fates in the bull-pen to see which 20 dancers would move on to perform during the live Hollywood show.

Contemporary dance hoffing underdog from season’s past, Alexa, was the first to receive her fate. The judges were all convinced that she overcame tremendous emotional hurdles during Vegas week and was given a top-20 spot. Debbie Allen insisted that George was “born to dance.” He and Will were both top-twenty ready. Season six veteran Amber Jackson’s new attitude and coif both won her the victory as well, but Megan Branch and Collin Fuller were sent twirling back home. The four victors all celebrated by dancing a spellbinding routine against a woodsy mirage on the Hollywood stage.

Ballroom dancers Nick and “Whit-sey” (Bobbsey twins, Whitney and Lindsey) gave a salsa hot Hollywood performance to J. Lo’s “Dance Again” tune after receiving their top-20 tickets. Mary felt the electricity, trumpeting: “I think the train just pulled up to the sizzle station!” Classically trained dancers Iliana, Keyon, and Daniel joined the top-20 Hollywood celebration where they showcased ballet with an attitude. “Ballet warrior” Iliana kept both hunks in check with her “WMD-styled” tutu. Werk!

In the jazz dance portion of the show, Debbie Allen remarked that Tiffany “pulled up from the rear” during the competition. Ms. Tiff joined the top 20 with the likes of Audrey and belly dancing-diva Isis, who had to sit out from participating in the Hollywood performance after she celebrated her good fortune by busting a new move and her head against a door. Joshua Alexander was lucky enough to recuperate from the head-splitting tumble he took last week. But his luck stopped at this week’s top-20 judge’s table, and he was sent packing.

Ryan Gosling dead ringer, Matthew, stepped into stardom along with “Not so Happy Feet” Darian who promised to soften the bricks at the end of his legs. The two dancing dudes joined Amelia and Janaya for a strong Hollywood performance.
At the end of it all, seven guys remained with distinct dance styles, but only three spots were to be filled. Karate-fusion sensation Cole’s precise moves easily won him one of those coveted spots. Sadly, tap dancers Aaron and Zack were all tapped out and asked to leave the show.

Brandon out-stepped stepper Devon, and Cyrus “The Animator” so impressed the judges with is skills that King Crumper Lil’C dubbed him a “Master.” Sir Lythgoe cosigned, confessing to Cyrus, “I haven’t seen anyone like you in my entire life.” Cyrus, Brandon, and Cole finished the night with a baseball theme inspired act that cohesively incorporated their distinct styles. Said Mary of the routine, “You guys definitely hit it out of the ballpark with that one!!”

And next week, there will be cuts.

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