SYTYCD All Stars join the Top 10 for the Sashay Showdown

The remaining 10 opened last night’s SYTYCD show with a Gene Kelly tribute that was filled with staple-era costumes and well-executed moves that would have made the legendary choreographer proud.

As if the remaining 10 contestants didn’t have enough to worry about, the SYTYCD powers that be decided that it was a good idea to pair them up with all stars from seasons past.

Judges Sir Nigel Lythgoe and Wailin’ Mary Murphy were joined by choreographer Benjamin Millepied of “Black Swan” fame at the judge’s circle.

Former competitor Brandon joined Tiffany for a nonstop disco inferno saturated with 11 lifts that were hot and smokin’ from beginning to end. The routine was choreographed by dance legend Doriana Sanchez, and all three judges took note of Tiffany’s tremendous energy.

Season one winner Nick then joined Wendy in a smoldering routine that brought the ballroom out of Wendy who zipped through the wind like an ambivalent butterfly—but in a very good way. Benjamin observed how well this couple juggled the release and tension that the performance demanded.

Although Cole, the man with many personalities, effortlessly slid through Anya’s shapely limbs during their Cha-Cha number, the judges were not feeling the connection. Cole was visibly bummed and displayed a less than charismatic persona.

Lindsey and partner Jacob attempted to synchronize a jazzy shadow intro, but it looked slightly more schizophrenic than coordinated. Nonetheless, the judges went Lindsey-crazy, calling her magnificent.

The annoyingly charming Will successfully pulled off his Bollywood routine with all-star Kathryn, while Cyrus and Jaimie from season three exhibited raw energy and the two partnered quite well.

It’s obvious that week after week, Chehon-bot inches the stick further from out his bum because he managed to “chill out” a little during his hip hop routine with vet Lauren. Nigel noticed Chehon’s less robotic composure but warned that he needed to work on making a connection. Meanwhile, Mary would have liked to smell a little more “funk” from the stage.

Mary rallied the audience to a “Boo!” crescendo when Nigel criticized George for not bringing the raunchiness in his jazz number with season two’s Allison.

Eliana and fan fav’ Alex gave perhaps the best performance of the night with a sensual routine that managed to silence the place. However, things got rowdy again when hip hopping sensation Twitch came back to partner with Audrey who surprisingly managed to hold her own, but it wasn’t enough to prevent her from being eliminated with George who danced through to his fingertips and tippy toes during his own solo.

Next week, the SYTYCD body of talent continues to slim down.

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