The Pressure Resumed for Judge Favorites Before AGT Axe Fell

The heated competition continued for the remaining judge favorites during Vegas week. Magicians, singers, comedians, and kids all performed like it was their last chance to make it big – and for many, it was. It all ended with fewer acts set to compete in the New York phase of the million-dollar competition.

Eric Dittelman astounded the judges with his mind-reading skills, setting the tone for the magician category. Eric was able to pierce into Sharon’s mind and retrieve the name of her first crush—a name the smart woman admitted she’d made up. Although Eric successfully violated Sharon’s cerebral hemisphere, Howard doubted his showmanship. Well Eric will get a chance to stuff his hefty frame into a pair of sparkly sequin tights for his next go round, because he was selected to perform in New York.

Daredevil Spencer Horsman verified that he’s ready for the next phase when he locked himself in a small water-filled tank the size of most New York City hotel rooms. A spatially challenged Spencer had less than a few minutes to escape the tank while holding his breath using what appeared to be a cheap metal nail filer he probably picked up at the Vegas super dollar store.

In what seemed like a reversal of good fortune, Spencer drops the filer! That’s too bad—for $1.87 more, he could have bought one with a no-slip grip. Paramedics standing by were poised to revive Spencer who quickly untied his belt and used its buckle to break free in the last seconds. The judges sent him to New York for all that heart-pounding excitement he caused. Droopy pants are all the rave in the Big Apple; Spence will fit right in.

Vocalists Eric and Olivia and father-daughter duo Maurice and Shanice Haynes all got a “GO” for New York, while Jorge and his cutie-pie six-year-old daughter Alexa were sent home.

The comedy segment of the competition proved why a comedian has never won America’s Got Talent. Back-to-back snoozers like Kellen, the 29-year-old boiler technician, failed to tickle Sharon’s fancy. But alas, Jacob Williams and Tom Cotter brought their hilarious best, and the two will be laughing all the way to the live show.

Several kid acts moved on as well. Ten-year-old Sebastien’s voice rose above the mariachi madness surrounding him—once believed an impossible feat. Gyrating salsa dance troupe “The Untouchables” brought even more sequins and smiles to Vegas, while fourteen-year-old Edon reminded Sharon of “a young Billy Joel.”

Although he looks as if he’s eaten one-too-many TV dinners, singer Ulysess’ compulsive munching and TV-watching has paid off. The theme song singer joined the few and the proud who get to strut their stuff on AGT’s New York stage.

Next week, it’s battle of the underdogs when the sit down stand-bys finally stand up and fight to turn the judges’ frowns upside down.

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