The SYTYCD Mia Michaels Tribute

The Olympics are finally over and the remaining SYTYCD dancers can now stop flexing to the bevy of national anthems and get back to business. Their mission this week was to realize their own victories through Mia Michaels’ choreography from past SYTYCD seasons, but few were up to the challenge.

“Ballet Boyz” Billy Trevitt and Michael Nunn joined Mary and Nigel at the critic’s circle, and the dancers opened the night with a group performance that can best be described as a sadomasochistic pump parade on meds.

Thereafter, Cyrus and Eliana performed the first Michaels’ routine of seasons past. The judges gave obligatory raves to the average performance, and Cyrus continued on his weekly lock, pop and jitter fit while the fans eat it up.

Tiffany and George did Mama Michaels proud by their “Hometown Glory” performance. George continued to be the wonder of agility that he has always been, but Madam Mary checked Tiff on her showmanship.

Next up, Will and Amelia were honored with an Emmy award-winning number. Amelia smothered the judges with her “tush trot” but didn’t entirely win them over as she still has issues connecting with the choreography she is given.

Janelle and Dareian performed a bed routine that almost put the judges to sleep. Dareian’s feet keep getting in the dang way! Meanwhile, Audrey and Matthew continued the snooze fest that lacked the passion necessary for success. At the same time, Matthew struggled with his stage presence.

Chehon spread his caramel-colored Swiss wings with Witney, as he soared into the judges hearts with a bench routine. The judges also made note of Witney, the leaping dynamo.

Lindsay and Cole performed another Michaels’ award-winning routine after which Kat Deelly confessed she got the chills because of it. One half of the Ballet Boyz insisted that Lindsay and Cole both possessed “bucket loads” of talent. But it was Cole’s borderline psychotic interpretation that left Mary fascinated and Nigel scared shite-less.

Soon afterward, George, Amelia, Janelle, Dareian, Matthew and Lindsay were are beckoned to dance for their boogie woogie lives since they all failed to garner enough of America’s votes. George and Dareian gave the judges a hard time deciding which male to save because both gave explosive routines.

But alas, Dareian was again tripped up by his own feet, and he was sent home to soak his soles along with Matthew, who never quite connected with the audience. However, the hot pink fringe wearing, razor-legged Lindsay made the judge’s female pick very easy—she ROCKED!

Next week, couples are broken up to face the SYTYCD academy of All-Stars.

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