SYTYCD Sends Two More Twirling on Home

Last night’s show started with a dance intro that was either a throwback Third Reich political protest or a Tyce “Jazz Hands” Diorio Charlie Chaplin routine. The jury’s still out. In the meantime, the remaining 16 hopefuls danced their hearts out for guest judge Christina Applegate who accompanied Sir Nigel Lythgoe and Wailin’ Mary Murphy at the executioners’ table.

Hip-hop-babysitters George and Tiffany took us on a frothy pop-locking teletubby trip. Sir Nigel requested more hip than hop in future routines of this caliber but made light of its entertainment value. Ms. Applegate requested more sip from “soupier” performance sop during the routine’s slower moments.

Amber and Brandon jazzed each other up during a raunchy Ray Leeper routine. All judges agreed that the two stimulated each other and the audience with their passions. Meanwhile, there was a “Cha” missing during Janelle and Dareian’s “Cha Cha” number. If their hips could speak, then they must have been muzzled because these two struggled to find their “Sexy”.

Lindsay found her mesmerizing spirit, however, during her “Love and Hate” contemporary routine with partner Cole, who was also amazing according to Diva Applegate. But the “Opposites Attract” number that Amelia and Will took on failed to impress Nigel and Mary, while Diva Applegate (who was asked to judge first), thought the two had “dead on” chemistry. Maybe Sir Nigel needed get up and swivel Christina’s chair around so that she watched the stage and not the two audience members making out in the back row.

Too much sauce and no spice was the verdict for Audrey and Matthew. Their rehearsal tricks proved to be too tricky, and they both ended up looking really uncomfortable at showtime, according to Mary. Tin-man Chehon finally found his heart and his mojo during a captivating performance with graceful partner Witney.

Birdie-smotherer Eliana rolled over her (now) carcass of a pet bird while sleeping, and she crushed partner Cyrus during their hip-hop routine. The ballet-maven’s newfound swag wowed the judges and gave Sir Nigel that quintessential grunge he’d been seeking since George and Tiffany’s bubbly bit.

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater conjured up a successful but torturing postmodernist hodgepodge of movement. And during elimination, Lindsay and George were called out; but Amber, Eliana, Brandon and Dareian were all asked to dance for their lives. When all the smoke cleared, the lights dimmed on Amber’s and Brandon’s commendable SYTYCD journeys.

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