Some So-So Routines and Dismal Dismissals

Once again, the SYTYCD divas and dudes go head-to-head for top-twirl honors. Adam Shankman joined “Sir” Nigel and squealing Mary at the judge’s lounge, and the night began with a demonic performance that likely cursed a few acts that followed. Lindsey and Cole performed a mediocre performance that was less thrilling than actually getting your teeth pulled. Lindsey popped her lady stuff so hard that her props went flying across the stage. But Nigel wasn’t catchin’ the bait that Lindsey was trying to throw his way.

Sonyah Tayeh brought the sizzle back with her routine danced by Amelia and Will that the judges adored. Amelia checked her quirkiness at coat check, while Will “stepped it up,” according to Adam.

Amber kept the flame burning with her tango number with partner Nick, who may have been burned out of recognition as great tango partners usually are, according to Mr. Shankman.

Audrey was able to show her aggressive side with Matthew in another Sonyah Tayeh masterpiece. Nigel made light of Audrey’s “stank steps”—a new move that will likely be included in the next edition of “Dancing for Dummies,” right along with “funky head rolls.”

Janelle and Darian’s choreographer failed to show the dancers’ strengths in their “ok” shake-and-bop routine. During Brandon and Janaya’s rehearsal, Janaya showed off a new move she learned by kicking Brandon square in the jewels; however, their Broadway routine by the great Sean Cheesman was a success.

Cyrus ended up tripping all over himself during his jiving act with Iliana, and the ever-precise duo Daniel and Alexa nailed their moves but didn’t quench the judges with their passionless dance in a bathtub bit. But Tiffany and George showed the bathtub twosome how to bring the sexy back with their fox trot triumph, and they put a few more creases of joy in Nigel’s face.

Next up, Chehon-bot managed to show his human side in a thrilling Bollywood performance with Whitney, who, during rehearsal, made light of the seriousness involving getting their hand signals right or risk offending half the world. But when it was all over, the judges all gave them a thumbs up.

After the dancers sweated it out on stage, it was time for them to see if it was even worth it. Whitney and Chehon-bot were saved while Janaya, Alexa, Nick and Daniel were sent twirling off the stage all the way home.

…and the beat goes on next week for the lucky SYTYCD hopefuls.

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  1. I definitely don’t think this has been the best season of SYTYCD. More impressive dancing last season in my opinion. But it always gets better as the competition gets tighter – I’ll wait to see what happens before I get too disappointed.

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