An AGT Night Filled with Stage Fright and A Few Delights

The next bunch up for America’s votes hit the stage during a night filled with high and low moments; but in the end, America got their cell phone minutes’ worth. The Miami twirling-tot sensation “The Untouchables” wowed everyone with their glittery performance that confirmed for Howard why the three judges unanimously put the group through. Their synchronistic moves made Sharon feel good all over.

The so-called “Rock Star Juggler,” Mike Price, managed to pull the plug on the evening’s initial electricity with his dud of a performance. Price claims to create visual art, so last night’s piece must have been his “Ode to Failure” since he committed the ultimate juggling “no-no” by dropping his object mid-act.

Nerves and poor taste licked “Inspire the Fire’s” fire out. The Glee-like troupe fumbled on a flip and shattered many a note, dousing their chances of moving further along the AGT line. Cristin Sandu was too anxious-ridden to pull off his balancing act; and when it was all over, his junkyard knick-knacks were all over the stage.

“Elusive” raised the AGT B-boy bar to a new level; however, he and Doogie-Howser-gone-retro ringer Jake Wesley Rogers failed to raise the judge’s opinions of their mediocre performances.

But once the glow-in-the-dark neon bike descended from the AGT heavens, “All Wheel Sports” launched the excitement the judges craved. Whether it was a grand distraction or a mélange of stunts, this massive crew knows that it’s hard to notice a fumble when 20 people are constantly tumbling.

“Wordspit the Illest” spat an original song that left Howie and Sharon feeling a bit salty. Howard accused the two of hallucinating from the psychedelic shrooms they likely ingested in their dressing rooms, because he thought the new song and the band were both brilliant.

The AGT judges all agreed, however, that quirky comedian Jacob Williams was strange but funny. Any comedian that displays movie-screen sized baby pictures while playing a hardcore Run DMC song during their intro has got to be a “character,” to say the very least.

The outrageous clash of color that was “All Beef Patty” did not give 100% and neither did daredevil magician Spencer Horsman. Crazy Spence delivered his biggest thrill of his monotonous wiggling act—a boo-boo on his arm. And the audience gave Spence a few more “BOOs!” for his troubles.

“Lightwire” Theater proved that they are the one-million-dollar act to beat, and by next episode America will have decided if that’s the case.

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