Vegas Odds On 2015 NFL Playoffs

With the wild card round of the NFL Playoffs behind us, there are now four divisional playoff games to be held the weekend of January 11 and 12, with the winners from those matchups meeting for the AFC and NFC conference championship contests on January 19. The two Conference Championship games will then decide who plays in the 2014 Super Bowl. The Vegas odds on Super Bowl champions usually favor division winners like Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson, and that is the case thus far this year. However, the upstart San Diego Chargers are playing outstanding football, and Philip Rivers and company could pull off a huge upset if they unseat the Broncos. The playoffs portion of the season is typically the most exciting segment of the Vegas odds on NFL each year.

2014 NFL Playoff Odds and Projections

The divisional round of the 2014 NFL playoffs will be pivotal in deciding who eventually goes on to play in the Super Bowl this year, and currently the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are the Vegas odds on favorites in that regard. The four divisional matchups feature the #6 seed New Orleans Saints (12-5) playing at #1 Seattle (13-3) in an offense versus defense showdown, and also in the NFC, the #5 seed San Francisco 49ers (13-4) travel to Carolina to take on Cam Newton and the #2 seed Panthers (12-4). Looking to the NFC Conference Championship game, current Vegas odds show the 49ers and Seahawks fighting for the chance to represent the National Football Conference in Super Bowl XLVIII.

In the American Football Conference, the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos are hoping that they do not squander the hard-earned benefits of a home-field advantage and first-round bye. 7 out of the last 8 years, a minimum of one top seed lost in the divisional round with both #1 seeds defeated in both 2008 and 2010. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are arguably the two most successful quarterbacks of their generation, and definite future NFL Hall of Fame locks. But both quarterbacks have seen younger days, Brady has nowhere near the targets he has had in the past when he made Super Bowl runs, and Peyton Manning has to shake the "plays poorly in cold weather" monkey off of his back if the Broncos are to move on in the playoffs.

The #4 Indianapolis Colts (12-5) take on the #2 seed New England Patriots (12-4) in Foxboro, where a record cold front will be moving in just in time for the game. In the AFC divisional round with a first-round bye, the Belichick-Brady combo has recorded a record of 6-1, which doesn't look good for the upstart Colts. The #6 seed San Diego Chargers (10-7) take on the Vegas odds on 2014 Super Bowl favorite Denver Broncos (13-3), and have to travel to a frozen Denver to do so. This game will probably show the biggest point spread of the entire 2014 NFL playoffs, but San Diego may have a little magic on its side. The last four years have seen the visiting team playing in the Philadelphia Eagles regular season home opener go on to win the Super Bowl, and guess who that was this year? That's right, the San Diego Chargers.

While everyone generally believes that the great Peyton Manning will take the offensive minded Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl to meet the talented Russell Wilson, the beastly Marshawn Lynch and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks, nothing is guaranteed. NFL teams enter the 2014 playoffs with just a 7-9 win loss record in the divisional round for the top seeds since 2005. This could spell doom for the Broncos and Seahawks, and attractive Vegas odds on NFL Super Bowl 2014 long-shot hopefuls like the Chargers and Colts could pay off handsomely for the savvy sports bettor if destiny and Lady Luck prove to be on their sides.

About The NFL Playoffs

Each player has a lot riding on the 2013-2014 NFL playoffs.  Every professional football player dreams of playing in the NFL Super Bowl during their career, and they give it everything they've got to make it there.  It was on their minds when they were in school playing for the NCAAF and praying to be included in the NFL Drafts, and it is on their minds now that they're part of the NFL, at every practice, every game, and after every good or bad performance. 

Championship games are some of the most memorable moments in sports history, and in the lives of these players.  Knowing that it is the goal and prize they are all fighting for with great passion and diligence makes betting on the Las Vegas Odds On NFL Playoffs even more thrilling!!  And when you teams win, YOU win too!!

So for those who plan to make this year's NFL Football season not only ultra exciting, but rewarding to your pocket book as well, you'll find the latest betting lines and odds data below, always up to date, always reflecting the real time odds released by the odds makers in Vegas. 

When adding a little sportsbook action in the mix, you're taking that excitement knob and turning it up quite a few notches, more near the riveting, adrenaline rush, heart stopping, over kill thrills!  Sound fun?  Well don't hesitation to get your game on using Vegas Odds On NFL Playoffs!!

You'll find incredible access to the best online sports books action here at your NFL Playoff home away from home, and our preferred online sports betting sites always include spectacular tools for you , such as the latest news, stats, analysis, blog posts and comments, and any other tid bit that will help you sort out your online gambling wagering on NFL Playoff games.

Itching for some college football excitement to throw in the mix?  Well check out our Vegas Odds On NCAAF and double your betting action!  When you really love football, you don't want to miss out on any of the good stuff, so most die hard fans follow both the NFL and the NCAAF all the way through the championship games of both leagues.  Well that's what a true fan does, right? 

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