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The Pacific-12 Conference (Pac12) was founded as the Pacific Coast Conference (PCC) in 1915, and annually the Pac12 is one of the most heavily wagered NCAA College Football conferences. And while perennial Pac12 championship contenders like UCLA have a dedicated fan base following and wagering on them every year, even though they have won 17 Pac12 Conference Football Championships, they have not played in a BCS Bowl game since the 1999 Rose Bowl. But that doesn't mean that the Vegas Odds On Pac12 college teams don't present excellent opportunities every week during the NCAA College Football season for some profitable paydays. The Pac12 is not called The Conference of Champions for no reason at all, and the conference boasts some of the oldest and most bitter rivalries in all of college football.

About Pac 12 College Football

The annual UCLA - USC game is known as the crosstown showdown, as both of those storied universities are located only 12 miles apart from each other in Los Angeles, California. The winner of that game is awarded the Victory Bell, and no bell ever rang sweeter than for the yearly victors of this bitter rivalry. USC has won more Pac12 Conference Championships than any other team with 38, but UCLA is in second place with 17. However, UCLA has not won a conference championship since 1998.

The University of Oregon most recently won the Pac12 conference championship in 2011, and the Ducks have won 10 conference titles overall. Every year they face Oregon State in a heated rivalry known as the Civil War Game, a contest played an incredible 115 times so far and usually the last game of the year, and the winner takes home the prized Platypus Trophy. Oregon State won the conference in 2010, has five Pac12 Conference Championships all-time. And the Cal - Stanford game is almost as old, having been played 114 times. The winner of that annual contest is awarded the Big Axe, and that contest is simply called the Big Game.

In the Pac12 the biggest rivalries take place against college football teams from the same state, and no better example in that conference can be found than Washington - Washington State. Playing for the Apple Cup every year since 1900, Washington holds a commanding lead in the wins column at 67 - 31 - 6. But as heated as the Pac12 rivalries are, Vegas Odds On Pac12 teams actually winning the BCS National Championship Game offer incredibly long "odds against", as no Pac12 team has won a BCS national championship since that was accepted as the determinant of the NCAA college champion in 1990. The USC 2004 - 2005 BCS National Championship win over Oklahoma and subsequent BCS Championship has been rescinded due to NCAA violations.

Bet Odds On NCAA Pac12 Football 2015
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