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The Citrus Bowl is a football stadium in Orlando, Florida which can seat around 70,000 people. Even though it is not one of the 5 BCS Bowl games, the Capital One Bowl played at the Citrus Bowl every year recently had one of the highest non-BCS Bowl payouts ever at $4.25 million. The Walt Disney World Florida Classic is a heated rivalry football game between Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman that is also held there every year in November. Opening in 1936 with a capacity of less than 9,000, the first college football game played in the Citrus Bowl was on January 1, 1947. The Capital One Bowl held in the Citrus Bowl is usually played on New Year's Day, right before the Rose Bowl. That contest pits an SEC Conference and a Big 10 Conference foe against each other, getting the first selection of opponents after the BCS.

About the Citrus Bowl

Every year the Capital One Bowl is easily the most important football contest played in the Citrus Bowl. With the ability to choose from the powerful SEC and Big Ten Division I football conferences after the BCS gets first dibs means the Capital One Bowl has powerful teams with large followings playing every year. Starting in 1947 as the Tangerine Bowl, the Citrus Bowl has been home to one of the oldest, continually running non-BCS postseason NCAA College Football Bowls ever.

The University of Tennessee joins the University of Georgia, Auburn, Florida and Penn State with five Citrus Bowl appearances, which is the most of any NCAA Division I College Football team. The Volunteers own the best 5 game record there at 4 - 1, while the Bulldogs own a 3 - 1 - 1 record. East Texas State, Miami of Ohio and Michigan join Ohio State with four appearances each in Citrus Bowl postseason play, with only East Texas going undefeated at 3 - 0 - 1. Toledo, Clemson, LSU, Michigan State and Southern Miss all have three appearances each, with Toledo winning all three games and Southern Miss losing all three of theirs.

Vegas odds on Citrus Bowl action begin heating up as soon as the NCAA football regular season has come to a close, as prognosticators begin predicting what two teams will be chosen to play. But once the teams are selected, it's anybody's guess as to what the winning conference will be, as the SEC and Big Ten each have 6 Citrus Bowl winners in the 12 years through 2012. Such a tight contest conference-wise means a smart bettor that knows what to look for can find some real value in Citrus Bowl postseason play.

In eight of the last 10 years through the the 2011 season, the winning margin of the Capital One Bowl has been just over 6 1/2 points. That coupled with the recent coin flip probability that either the SEC or Big 10 conference will win means that while we certainly don't know what teams will be playing in this year's Capital One Bowl, a tightly fought contest is all but guaranteed, as are the Vegas Odds On Citrus Bowl excitement.

Betting Odds On NCAAF Citrus Bowl 2014
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