Vegas Odds On NFL Draft 2015

Vegas odds on the 2014 NFL draft show the Houston Texans picking DE Jadeveon Clowney first overall. At the best Internet sportsbooks, you can place individual prop bets as to where all of the top players will go in the first round. And according to those same Vegas odds, electric QB Johnny Manziel appears poised to wind up in Cleveland with the fourth overall pick, or Jacksonville at number three. The NFL draft begins Thursday, May 8 at 8 PM EST, and runs through Saturday, May 10. This year has one of the deepest WR classes of all time, with prospective NFL Hall of Famers Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins probably going in the first 6 or 8 picks. Add OTs Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews and Khalil Mack as probable top 6 picks, and you can see that the 2014 NFL Draft will definitely be exciting, trade-filled and memorable.

About The NFL Draft

The Vegas odds on NFL draft action have their birthplace way back in 1934 when Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney handed the rights to two of his players to the New York Giants. He did this because Pittsburgh could not participate in the postseason, and even though this transfer was later shot down by the NFL, it was the initial maneuver that helped originate what is known as the National Football League draft of today. The NFL decided that any player released by a team during the season could be claimed by other teams, dictated by the inverse order of the teams standings at that time.

The dominant teams were still those who were winning or could pay the most money. Players gravitated towards those teams for obvious reasons, so Philadelphia Eagles co-owner Bert Bell on May 18, 1935 proposed a draft which would put all teams on a level playing field. Today the National Football League Draft, officially called the NFL Player Selection Meeting, is a yearly event where National Football League (NFL) teams choose eligible college football players. The last place team from the previous year drafts first, the next to last picks second, and so on, and the draft has become so popular that there are even betting odds for NFL Draft players.

While the Las Vegas odds for NFL draft pick activity are predominantly concerned with the ever important first round, the earlier a pick, the bigger a bust can be. The 2000 NFL draft is certainly better known for a quarterback who went in the sixth round at pick 199 (Tom Brady) than it is for Courtney Brown, a defensive end that Cleveland proudly claimed with the number one overall pick. The very inexact science that is the National Football League Draft provides opportunity every year for the savvy NFL fan who knows just where his favorite player will fall, and who his favorite team will choose.

Though the worst team from the previous season receives the first overall draft pick of the current year, those picks can be traded away, and have had significant impact on the Vegas odds on NFL Draft Day possibilities. In 1999, the New Orleans Saints traded away an incredible eight picks to the Washington Redskins to move up and draft running back Ricky Williams. Easily regarded as one of the worst NFL draft trades of all time, it illustrates how tough it is to properly analyze the college talent available.

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Las Vegas NFL Draft Betting Odds

The following are the most current Las Vegas odds on NFL Draft 2015.

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